Shop Local North Perth is an e-commerce marketplace hosted by the Municipality of North Perth. Our purpose is to supply an online e-commerce platform to support and connect North Perth businesses with buyers.

If you are a North Perth business or organization and have a product or service to offer for a set price we are delighted to have you join! 

How do I register as a vendor?  

It’s easy as 1-2-3! You will be prompted to add your business category, information, logo and contact details.  When you add your first product or service, you will be prompted to complete the financial /banking information for payment. You can also complete it prior so you are ready to go.  See instructions here.

What button do I use to register?

  • List your Business = Vendors to add their business
  • Sign up = for Buyers
  • Login = for Vendors or Buyers who already have an account

How is Payment handled? 

Payment is managed via the Stripe interface – a very popular and internationally renowned platform. Payout is issued daily for all transactions. Payment will be from the buyer directly to the vendor.

What banking information is needed?

The required information is listed at the bottom of a blank cheque or in the ‘Void Cheque’ section of an online banking account:

  • Institution or Bank # - (3 digits) YYY
  • Branch # - (5 digits) XXXXX – usually a zero plus 4 numbers
  • Stripe Transit # - (8 digits) XXXXXYYY– a combination of the Branch # XXXXX and Institution # YYY
  • Bank Account # (7 -12 digits) - varies

How are taxes (GST) covered? 

If your business needs to remit GST, you must include in the product price.  It is your responsibility to calculate and remit to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

How much does it cost to sell products on Shop Local North Perth?

  • Set up is free for vendors. There is no fee to belong to the marketplace.
  • Stripe payment fees are $2.00 per month plus + .0.25% of payout volume + C$ .25 transaction. Much less than for many e-commerce sites.

How are Refunds handled? 

To avoid extra charges, refunds must be coordinated directly between the buyer and vendor if needed and not via Shop Local North Perth.

How do you plan Delivery? 

When setting up your account, you specify delivery options. Once a sale is made the buyer is prompted to contact the vendor to make delivery arrangements.

What if I don’t agree with the Terms of Use and/or Privacy policy guidelines?

Participation in the marketplace implies agreement with the above policies - review in detail!

How old must vendors or buyers be?  

You must be 18 years of age to buy or sell products on Shop Local North Perth.

I have more questions? 

Email for questions about the marketplace.